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hospitals suck. especially at 2 in the morning. especially when the nurse can't find your vein for an IV. especially when you can't think because you're in too much pain.

yeah, that was my morning.

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I'm thinking it's time for a haircut.
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today was mildly entertaining.
my feet kind of hurt.
I think my mom's mad at me?

Class of 08 prom tomorrow.

hey boy,
you had your chance, too bad you didn't show up today.

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SKHS orchestra once again kicks major ass at Festival. China Buffet was once again delicious MSG goodness. Today wasn't really all that exciting except for that. Tonight better be good because I have to work tomorrow.

Time for sick nerdom.

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So here I am, sitting here on the PC, waiting for WoW to download so I can recruit Hannah to play with me and company. Debating on wether or not that's a good idea cause she's dumb. Dad's watching BBQ and Mom's eating chips. Hannah's dancing and well, I'm here. Josh and I have an amazing idea for the final project in V-ography. I'm doublefeaturing it with Grey's flick. Um, let's just say that everyone will be blown away by how amazing it will be. Not gonna lie. No d&d tonight and I worked like a mo'fo at Cafe Hellport...ALL WEEKEND. (motherfucking snakes) I'm in a surprisingly good mood. Got my prom date, Heather got her dress, I got my prom shoes. I am a genious and thought of an amazing location for the Alt (way cooler than anyone else's) Senior Trip. You'll get to know if you're cool enough to be invited. SUKERS. uhg. My doctor pepper's melting.


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*tear* poor foreman. *wuuuv*
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florida is pretty nice. I'm having a ton o' fun, even on the bad days. Lately we haven't been to any theme parks or anything, so yeah...lol. As long as I get to talk to Erick once a day, i'll be fine. I can't wait to come home, he says he wants to make me dinner. He he he he. Okay I'm going to go do something...else. Enjoy the (I hear it's shitty) weather. I know I will enjoy this nice sunshine! Ha!
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well I got the sign, and it opened up my eyes, I got the sign.
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It's pretty funny.

that's all I am contractionally able to tell you guys.

Go see it.

seniors wear your shirts.

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"Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key" Billy Bragg/Wilco
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